Time and Seasons

There’s a time for every season in our lives. Time and seasons are different for every person.  It is because we are all uniquely different. God our Father created us uniquely different.  I am grateful that He did.  Oh how He loves us❤
Seasons can be tough and seasons can be smooth. Time seems short but all is given the same amount of time no matter what.  Best way to spend time well is to prioritize your life and divide your tie accordingly. 
How well we endure the seasons of our lives depends on how well we manage our time, flexibility. Our priorities,  relationships and ourselves.  Our most important relationship is with Jesus Christ our Saviour.  Jesus is the Foundation of foundations.  The Centerpiece ,Homebase. 
Jesus is the best place to start prioritizing.  Put Him first, everything else will fall into place as they should. 
How do you prioritize your life? Your time?

Read Ecclesiastes 3

Love in Christ~ Autumn

Storm Pondering

As the thunder rolls,lightning may strike.
How is it that something so powerful, possibly scary be so beautiful? So peaceful?
The earth is cleansed when it rains. Afterwards,  we are blessed with a  rainbow from our Father who is in heaven on His throne. 
Mercies are new, faith is fresh and strong and grace is freely given.
This is how each new day starts,with new mercy. It is a fresh blank new page and it is up to us, every single living soul on this earth, to decide what is written on our pages.
Be intentional.  Better yet, be intentional God’s way by starting your day with Him whether in word or prayer or both. He is the guide, we are the feet. Let Him lead. What an adventure it will be.
Why do we moan and groan and complain? Why do we fear and worry? Why are we in such a hurry in this world? Why do we put ourselves in  such depressing and stressful conditions? In doing these things,  why do we not trust the One Who created us and loves us most? Human nature,partly.  Mostly because  we refuse to trust because  we feel vulnerable?  Here’s  another  idea to ponder,  that is a lie from satan.  And we fell for it.
My Father did not give me a spirit of fear. I am not vulnerable with Him, I am protected by Him. It is in Him that I can let go and be 100% me. I trust Him completely so I will live intentionally with Him,for Him. And not in fear of anything. 
Pondering with the sound of a storm.



Sometimes I just need a restart button. Sometimes I need to hit that restart button over and over. We do actually have a restart button. Every morning, when we wake up, we have a fresh new page to write on. Ain’t God awesome? To give us such a gift as a restart button.

I am hitting that restart button. I need to make some changes in the area of my health. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, of being fat and unhealthy. I am ready to make the necessary changes and I am going on this journey with Jesus.

Don’t ever feel like a failure or that you just can’t do it. That is from the devil and we must banish such thinking. Erase it. Ask God how He sees you and listen to what He has to say. See yourself how He sees you. When He sees you, He sees beauty. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh nor how many scars and flaws that you think or may have. God sees you. And keep in mind, you are loved beyond measure by the Lord Jesus.



Longing Soul

Our hearts cry out
In pain
Our hearts long for someone Or something to fill up the emptiness, that dark hole inside.
Our hearts long to be healed and loved.
We search in the wrong places,high and low.
While we are searching,the One Who Sees All, is waiting for us to choose Him. Only Jesus can fill you up, truly love you and heal you❤
Jesus loves you,just as you are❤


Only Jesus

The earth before God created it,is very much like our hearts without Jesus, formless,empty,and dark. Void.
We try to fill that emptiness with things,food/drink,cigarettes,drugs,sex, hobbies,social media,money,etc….
But in the end,what is there to show for our efforts to fill something that we cannot fill? More darkness,more regrets and hurts unnecessarily. Things,money and all that I mentioned above cannot fill what only God can fill. Instant gratification leaves you feeling even worse. Only Jesus can bring light into our hearts,fill us up. Only His Spirit in us gives us form. Only in Jesus will you find true joy and hope.
Only He can complete you,nothing and no one else can. God created you in His image,in His likeness with love..


The Sounds of Nature

I am sitting in this little shooting house in the middle of the woods on this beautiful sunny Sunday morning.
All of nature is waking up. Not just waking up,but they are waking up with God’s praises on their tongues.
How beautiful is that? It’s beyond words beautiful. It’s peaceful, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood surrounded by such beautiful music.
There is a lesson that we, the people, can and need to learn. Prayer. Bible says to pray unceasingly in 1 thessalonians. When we think of prayer,we think of asking God to do this or that,confession and the like. But there’s more to it. Praises. It is also waking up and going to sleep with God’s praises on your lips,I do believe there’s even a song about that lol. It’s praising God in the good and bad times.
So as you lay down to go to sleep, give God some praise, a simple thank You , or how Awesome He is etc. Start with that and then add on a praise as you wake up. There’s not a better way to end and start your day.


Sometimes I Just Gotta

Sometimes I just gotta call it a day. Early. Just to play or pamper or play. And sometimes I just gotta go in time out like I’m two years old lol. Just gotta do what it takes to take care of myself so that I can take care of others. It’s not a selfish thing. God said to love your neighbors as yourself. I gotta love myself in order to love God and my neighbors. Just a thought I thought I would share. It seems harder to love ourselves, especially us women. We tend to do for everyone but ourselves and we run dry. Let’s stop the cycle. Even if it’s a few minutes, do it, whatever you need to recharge and show yourself some love. It also teaches our children to love themselves also.

Love, Autumn

Brothers and Sisters Keeper

Ever made a bad decision in life that brought you down to your lowest? Haven’t we all? Have you ever felt judged by others for doing so? Or have judged others( intentionally and unintentionally)? How did it make you feel? I don’t know about you, it’s no fun. It makes me feel even worse. We all have our lessons to learn. We are human, we will make mistakes and bad choices. But it is what we do with them that matters. That will be what tells what is in our hearts. But some of us are weak, that doesn’t make us bad. It just means we need some help, some guidance, love,mercy and grace. Even those who are stronger needs that. God knows His children, through and through and if we let Him, He will give us the strength when we are weak. Sometimes, He sends others into our lives to strengthen us, to help guide us. There is no mistake so great that God can’t forgive. When He forgives, He truly forgives. He doesn’t remind you. He is not sitting on His throne judging you, telling the angels what you have done or what others ( including the media) say you have done.
So, how do we treat others? Lord knows I have been guilty and have repented.God pointed these things out in me and I didn’t like what I saw. Everyone is human,we all fall short.(Romans 3:23) And when we point out what others have done, be it you,me, our President, actors/actresses, musicians etc,even our Pastors, when we point out their wrongs, we make ourselves look bad and sound bad. It shows we have no self respect or control. The tongue is a deadly weapon. For one, it is none of our business whatsoever, what these people do. It is absolutely none of my business what my neighbors do. I am responsible for my own actions. That being said, we are our brother’s/ sisters keeper. It is our business to build them up. We are all brothers and sisters, not just blood. To edify each other, not an alarm bell to their mistakes or sins etc. I would not want that done to me. It is hurtful to yourself, me and everyone around you,including those who read the posts or comments on social media. This country needs to come together as a whole and take care of each other as a family.
Here’s something else for us tto be chewing on, if you are a soldier ( whether it be marine, army,navy,air force etc,all have the same goal in the end) and you have spent your life fighting for this country, how would it feel to you to finally come home,barely making it alive, to find your country fighting against each other and tearing each other down? It would make me feel like I have wasted my time putting my life at risk for nothing. I will say it, our soldiers do not go overseas just for some land. If that were the case, they would get them some land of their own and say the heck with it. No, its for us, so we can have our freedom. Their families are sacrificing the same. There’s something to think about.
And y’all, we can’t believe everything that the social media of any form says about another, or our government, President or anyone else. Even the most reliable sources can be mistaken. My rule of thumb, if i wasnt there, i have no clue, its none of my business unless they tell me. It doesn’t matter to me what this singer,or actor has done. It does matter some what decisions the President makes when it affects us, but if I disagree, complaining, or tearing him down, being a drama queen ain’t gonna solve anything. But prayer will. It is our jib to lray for our President and soldiers and everyone around us. God is the Solution. And that I will keep in mind when the flesh starts to creep up, Look in the mirror.
And by the way, do please support our soldiers, whether it be in prayer, however. They may not admit it, they need us. They need our love,prayers and support. Once a soldier always a soldier.


Lessons from the Potter

Sometimes you just have to let go and let God. Well, that’s not true. All the time,not sometimes. Things in life don’t just happen, it happens for a reason. I am not a believer in coincidences. Whether big or small, there is a lesson for us to take away and learn. In happy times and in hard and painful times. Learn from it. Listen to the message and let it go. Give it to God and move on. Do not dwell, do away with the wishes, woulda ,coulda and shoulda. We can’t change what has been but we can change what will be. Let these lessons make you a better you,a stronger you and most importantly, strengthen your relationship with God and those around you. Change what you can and leave the rest in God’s capable Hands. After all, He is the Potter,we are the clay. Let Him mold you.

Sincerely, Autumn

You are loved

Pray it Forward to Pay it Forward

I may be just jabbering here but a thought hit me hard and got me seriously thinking. But here goes anyway, lol.

I have been blessed in so many ways. There have been times when God just showed up even before I knew that I was in need. But He knew. Ain’t it so awesome how He does that?

There are times that I can be a blessing to someone else,therefore paying it forward. For example, God blesses me,however He chooses, and in return I bless someone else. Or someone does something for me, help me etc, I help someone else and they help someone else etc. But there are times when I have been blessed and do nothing, whether by being negligent, blind or not knowing how to pass it on or who to pass it on to. So, here is the thought that hit me: pray it forward to pay it forward. Pray and let God lead. Pray for who you can bless in some way. Could be anyone, a stranger even. If God sends you,go.

Better yet, why wait to be blessed to be a blessing? Pray for someone now to bless. That could indeed be the blessing in and of itself. What an awesome way to show the love of Jesus to the world?

Many years ago, I was sitting on the side of the road in the middle of the country, two toddlers with me. I ran out of gas and all I had on me was $5 and no gas jug. I sat there trying to figure out how I was gonna get gas when some guys stopped and asked if I needed help. I tried to give them my money but one guy went and got some gas for me while the other towed me to their driveway to get me off the side of the road. Then they put the gas in, without taking my money, told me to pay it forward as they just had done. I have done that. God is good.